Six forbidden Instagram hotspots around the world

From Westminster Abbey to the Sistine Chapel, some will surprise you...


Millions of tourists love sharing your creative travel photos on Instagram. But not everywhere is welcoming to camera phone-toting tourists looking to impress their followers.

In fact, many of us are taking photos in places where it is discouraged, banned or even illegal.

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You probably didn't know this, for example, but it's against the law to share photos of Paris' famous Eiffel Tower at night. Thanks to a copyright law known as 'freedom of panorama,' visitors who take and post photos of the landmark's sparkling light show at night online could be fined.

From the Vatican City's Sistine Chapel to London's Crown Jewels, we've scrolled through Instagram to bring you the forbidden pictures that shouldn't have been captured...

Forbidden Instagram photography from around the world

Forbidden Instagram photography from around the world