How to open a beer on a train: Ingenious life hack

Southern Rail trains put to good use by commuter


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An ingenious rail passenger discovered his own new life hack to allow him to enjoy a beer on his journey home.

Patrick Dalton was travelling from Brighton to London on board a Southern Rail service when he made the disovery.

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The 39-year-old realised he could open his bottle of beer using the grates in the ceiling of the train, and joked his discovery was an achievement akin to American action-adventure hero MacGuyver and survival expert Ray Mears.

The author said the beer "helped the journey along nicely", and tweeted video footage of it to his 30,000 followers.

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It has since gone viral and been retweeted thousands of times on Twitter and liked by thousands more.

The footage shows Patrick getting up from his seat to crack the lid of his bottle, before sitting down to knock it back.

He shared the footage on Monday and said: "Just discovered a @SouthernRailUK life hack. I feel like MacGyver or Ray Mears right now."

But he later admitted he may have been exaggerating his feat, saying: "I'm going to dial that back to 'The Fonz', I was over excited."

His mood lowered even further an hour later when he arrived in the city. He said: "Left the train to discover I've lost one of the rubber bits from my earphones. The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away."

The post provoked lots of response on Twitter, with many praising Patrick's ingenuity.

Sean Derwin said: "This is valuable and brilliant. It would've been truly outstanding, but for the word hack. Awful word used in this context."

Oliver Butler said: "You're not working hard Patrick, you're working smart."

Credits: Deadline News

Deadline News

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Chris Corfield shared a photo of adventurer Bear Grylls, with the caption: "Improvise. Adapt. Overcome."

Richard Clark-Monks said simply: "Genius."

In reaction to his Twitter fans, Patrick said: "I'm humbled by the response. I found myself in a survival situation & had to rely on my wits to stay hydrated.

"I only hope this can be passed on to other Southern users to help ease their suffering. It certainly helped my journey along nicely."

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