Dramatic 'fireball' in the sky prompts anxious Germans to call police

Mysterious UFO alert leaves unanswered questions


Credits: CEN

A dramatic 'fireball' seen speeding through the sky above Germany has sparked alarm.

The UFO was seen by worried citizens as far away as Italy and Switzerland, prompting German police to speculate that it was a 'celestial body'.

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Mysterious video shows the bright object speeding above the town of Hoechen, sparking questions about what it shows.

It seems to get brighter and gives out blue and green light before fading into the distance.

A police spokesman told Stuttgarter-Zeitung that the force received a number of calls about the fireball, but said: "We could not tell you what the bright light was."

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And German air traffic control spokesman Christian Hoppe told the newspaper: "We can only say that it was not an aircraft."

Anxious witnesses took to Twitter to share their theories on what they had seen.

A crashing Chinese space station, a meteor or an alien spacecraft were among the possibilities put forward.

Credits: CEN

Most sightings of the UFO came from the German states of Saarland, Baden-Wuerttemberg and the southern part of Hesse, although it was also spotted in Switzerland and even the other side of the Alps at Italy's Lake Garda.

The latest sighting comes at the height of the Leonid meteor shower, which peaks in mid-November.

The Leonids get their name from the location in the constellation of Leo from which they seem to appear.

If the object was indeed a meteor, it is not known if it crashed somewhere or burned out completely in the sky.

Police say there were no reports of any damage from a meteorite impact.

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