Gorilla gets man to swipe left through ape photos on mobile phone

Giant silverback knocks on the glass to get zoo visitor to scroll through pics


This is the adorable moment a zoo gorilla got a man to swipe left as he scrolled through photographs of female apes on his mobile phone.

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The cute footage was shared on Twitter by Sierra Anderson who captured the candid scene at Louisville Zoo on Sunday.

It shows the man sat on a bench by the ape enclosure holding the mobile phone up to the glass for the gorilla to see.

He appears to be showing the ape a choice of photographs of other female gorillas - and the giant silverback knocks on the glass to get him to scroll on through each.

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Sierra posted the footage on Twitter, saying: "Dude was showing the gorilla pictures of female gorillas and he for real is like 'next one please'."

Credits: Sierra Anderson/Twitter

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The gorilla's name is Jelani who the zoo says has become something of a YouTube sensation "due to his fascination with cellphones".

Credits: Sierra Anderson/Twitter

Jelani was born at Lincoln Park Zoo in 1997 and transferred to Louisville Zoo in 2002.

Described as a "laidback individual", he currently lives with three other male silverbacks: Bengati, Kicho and Cecil.

Credits: Sierra Anderson/Twitter

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The zoo says he "sometimes likes to look at the cellphone photos and videos of guests".

They add: "He enjoys the company of Bengati and they sometimes play or rest together."

From the footage it looks like he is missing some female company.

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