Horror as flight attendant falls off plane

Crew member suffered serious injuries in accident captured on CCTV


A flight attendant was left with serious injuries after she fell out of the back of a plane onto tarmac.

The unidentified cabin crew member is believed to have been restocking the XiamenAir Boeing 737 when she slipped and fell.

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The nasty fall was captured on CCTV at Xinzheng International Airport in Zhengzhou, capital of Henan Province in central China.

The woman, who suffered painful fractures to her chest, is seen plunging from the jet with a food trolley, which she is thought to have been pushing at the time.

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Credits: AsiaWire

The footage shows the cart falling out of the door, with the woman trying to grab onto the plane before losing her grip.

A statement by XiamenAir said the woman was taken to a local hospital for treatment of broken bones in her chest.

She will remain grounded for a week while she recovers.

Credits: AsiaWire

Flight MF8253 had been restocking in Zhengzhou while en route from Fuzhou, capital of East China's Fujian Province, to Lanzhou, capital of north-western Gansu Province, the airlines said.

XiamenAir officials said they were investigating the incident but have already classed it as an work-related accident.

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Credits: AsiaWire

This is the second time in just three weeks that a flight attendant has accidentally fallen from a stationary plane.

At the end of October, another crew member with China Eastern Airlines also tumbled out of the back door of her plane at Shenzhen City's Bao'an International Airport in South China.

She had been trying to shut the door before take-off when the accident happened, investigations showed.

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