'Laughing' dangerous driver almost takes out biker

The black VW pulled out with no indicators


This is the moment an impatient driver squeezes into a narrow gap in traffic, cuts up a motorcyclist and carries on down the road.

The dangerous driver sharply pulls out in front of the motorcyclist, who is legally filtering between the queues of traffic, without bothering to look behind him.

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The biker's dashcam footage then captures the VW Golf zooming ahead towards the traffic lights, pushing in ahead of those waiting in traffic.

He reaches the lights as they turn amber and speeds through, cutting between two vehicles waiting at the second set of lights.

Credits: BPM Media

The driver brazenly squeezes through the narrow gap in the cars

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Motorcyclist, Joseph Dixon, then pulls up beside the Golf to capture the face of the driver to show the police.

He captured the footage as he travelled home from work on Newport Road in Castle Bromwich on Thursday at around 2.15pm.

"I left work and because of a lane closure there was a lot more traffic than usual," he told the Birmingham Mail.

"So I filtered through and made my way to the front when the black VW pulled out with no indicators and then drove down the middle of the two queues of cars."

He added that when he pulled up alongside the vehicle to capture his face on camera for the police, they were laughing at him through the window.

Credits: BPM Media

The driver does not look behind him before he pulls out

"Generally drivers are good at spotting bikers but every so often mistakes are made, the most annoying thing for me is when car drivers don't understand that filtering is legal," he said.

"I have experienced people shouting at me, blocking me from passing and some people even swerve towards me out of anger, which is why I have bought a camera for my helmet.

Credits: BPM Media

The footage was captured on the biker's HelmetCam

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"It's definitely a minority of drivers that act like that, but it's an incredibly dangerous minority."

A spokesperson for road safety charity, Brake, highlighted the vulnerability of motorcyclists on the roads and urged drivers to always remain vigilant of bikers.

Mike Bristow said: "Motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users, and are involved in a huge proportion of serious crashes and casualties on our roads.

Credits: BPM Media

The driver almost takes out the biker as he squeezes through the tight gap

"Many collisions involving motorcyclists happen due to drivers often failing to spot them.

"It's so crucial drivers remain vigilant at all times, and do everything they can to look out for motorbikes."

The charity advised drivers to always look twice for bikes at junctions and slow down to 20mph in built up areas.

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