Wanted: Ranger for remote Scottish island teeming with birds

Handa Island's new ranger must love the outdoors



An island off the west coast of Sutherland, Scotland is looking for a wildlife ranger who loves the outdoors, is physically fit and happy to work in a remote location.

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Handa Island has no permanent residents and is home to nearly 100,000 breeding seabirds in the summer, while boasting dramatic cliffs with stunning sea views.

The 26-week job from 19 March to 14 September 2018 pays £14,500.

Lichen covered cliffs, handa island

On the Scottish Wildlife Trust website, a post for the job says: "This demanding role requires excellent organisational skills, coupled with a high degree of flexibility.

"You will be responsible for organising work programs for yourself and a team of volunteers, constantly adapting your plan according to changing conditions.

"You will need good physical fitness, and the desire to work out-of-doors in a remote location. Familiarity with Handa Island would be an advantage. Weekly trips to Scourie (the nearest, but remote village) are necessary to do laundry, banking, shopping and exchange gas bottles."

Accommodation is provided and suitable for a couple taking a job-share arrangement or for an individual ranger.

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