UK temperatures to drop to -8C this weekend

Britain set to be colder than Iceland and Norway


Winter Weather - 16th Jan

Parts of Britain will see freezing weather this weekend, with temperatures dropping as low as -8C in Scotland, making it colder than Iceland where temperatures will hit -4C.

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The Met Office says Sunday will be "sunny, windy and cold for most," with blustery showers in many coastal regions, and across northern Scotland.

Forecasters say the far northeast will see some heavy and perhaps wintry showers.

Met Office forecaster Emma Sharples told The Independent that the current mild temperatures of up to 14C will continue in the south of the country, while cities like Birmingham could see temperatures of 0C on Sunday night.

Speaking to Yahoo News UK, Ms Sharples said: "Much like we have seen the last couple of Sunday nights we're going to have a cold night Sunday night into Monday with widespread frost."

For Monday, the Met Office says it will be a frosty start and bright for many, but cloud and rain are expected to arrive in the north, with snow on Scottish hills.

Tuesday and Wednesday will see changeable weather with some rain at times.

Visit for your local forecast.

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