Incredible moment great white shark leaps out of sea

Amazing footage of breaching shark captured in South Africa


The dramatic moment a great white shark was seen breaching in Mossel Bay, South Africa, has been captured on camera by a tour guide.

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Dan Abbott posted the footage to his Shark Video Channel on YouTube as part of a promotion for White Shark Africa Eco Program shark tours.

His video captures the suspense of being on a boat, waiting to see a breaching great white.

The footage was captured at dawn and Dan told the Daily Mail: "I happened to be in the right place at the right time.

"We were out there that morning for an hour and a half but, here's the thing, there was only one breach.

"To do these trips you have to get up quite early."

As well as the breach itself, Abbott posted another video, where he describes how best to go about getting similarly spectacular results.

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