Sailor stranded on island rescued after writing 'HELP' with moss

Man saved by Swedish Coast Guard after becoming stranded on Harstena


A Russian sailor who spent five days stranded on a remote Swedish island was saved after writing the word 'help' with moss.

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The man had sailed alone from Spain to Stockholm when something went wrong and he was found marooned off the island of Harstena.

The sailor's last contact with relatives was two days into his voyage and when they did not hear from him they raised the alarm.

A rescue helicopter, the Swedish Coast Guard's aircraft and two Coast Guard ships were involved in the search.

It was only three days later when a helicopter spotted the word 'help' spelt in moss and a man waving a red vest that he was rescued.

"We were very surprised that it went so well, it's like a modern Robinson Crusoe story," Christer Haglund at the Navy and Flight Rescue Centre told Aftonbladet.

The sailor was flown to a hospital for a medical check.

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