Argh, what is that? Creepy creature filmed in Indonesia

This scary insect had the internet baffled


Argh, what is that? Creepy creature filmed in Indonesia

A creepy looking creature with pulsating 'hairy tentacles' has been baffling and scaring the internet in equal measure.

The creature, which had an orange belly and four 'flexing' tentacles, was spotted and filmed by somebody in Indonesia.

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The footage was uploaded to Facebook and watched thousands of times by people scratching their heads as to what on God's green Earth that thing is (and also why the person filming it didn't run a mile!).

The footage shows another small creature in the scene scurrying away as the larger insect continues flexing.

It has emerged that the creatures is actually a creatonotos gangis moth, which is found in Australia and parts of Asia.

According to Wikipedia, creatonotos gangis is a species of arctiine moth found in South East Asia and Australia. Males have four large eversible coremata (scent organs), which can exceed the length of the abdomen when inflated. These must be what we referred to as the 'hairy tentacles'.

It lives in South East Asia and parts of Australia. Its Asian distribution includes parts of Indonesia (Eastern Indonesia), India, Sri Lanka, China, Japan, Thailand and New Guinea. In Australia, it is restricted to northern parts of Western Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland, extending as far south as Mackay.

We'll stick to petting the koalas please...

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