Celebrities banned by airlines

The in-flight antics that got these stars blacklisted by British Airways, Cathay Pacific and United Airlines


Snoop Dogg Surprise Performance

Celebrities are no strangers to behaving badly on flights. From Courtney Love verbally abusing cabin crew to Alec Baldwin being kicked off a plane for using his mobile phone, when it comes to in-flight antics, the stars have done it all.

Thankfully, only a handful have managed to get themselves banned by an airline for life. Here are three celeb meltdowns that have led to lifetime bans...

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Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg got on British Airways' permanent bad side when members of his entourage reportedly sparked a brawl at Heathrow's VIP lounge in 2006. Police were called and Scotland Yard said a "number of the group became abusive and pushed officers". They were told they would not be permitted to fly and a British Airways spokeswoman at the time said: "We are making sure none of this group will be allowed to travel with BA ever again."

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Liam Gallagher

The Oasis frontman was banned by Cathay Pacific for life in 1998 after a rowdy flight from Hong Kong to Perth. Liam Gallagher allegedly swore at passengers, smoked and picked a fight over the size of a scone. The airline said it made the decision to ban the singer after reviewing television interviews. A spokesman said: "Cathay Pacific has taken the decision to refuse any further carriage to Liam Gallagher and people known to have been causing a nuisance on the flight in question." Liam responded by saying he'd rather walk than fly with the airline.

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Back in 2007, Damascus Cover actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was banned from flying United Airlines when airline workers said they noticed him "pounding drinks" in the first class lounge and becoming increasingly drunk and disorderly. When he attempted to board his flight, he was stopped from flying due to his "disruptive" behaviour that "was getting out of control". United Airlines confirmed the story to RadarOnline.com but did not elaborate due to passenger privacy laws.

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