Couple refuses to let Hurricane Nate stop wedding

Mike and Heather Coughlin decided their New Orleans nuptials would go on


One couple could not stop laughing as wind and rain from Hurricane Nate whipped around them during their New Orleans wedding on Saturday.

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Mike and Heather Coughlin went through with their big day as the hurricane came into The Big Easy.

"It was a little hairy, but we realised what was most important and that was all of our friends and family in one place," Heather told Inside Edition on their way to their honeymoon in Greece.

Another couple, Garrett and Carly Parsley, exchanged vows during the hurricane as 30 mph winds whirled around them at their beach wedding in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

"We planned this wedding almost a year-and-a-half ago. We were going to stick with the date no matter what," Garrett told Inside Edition.

"It was very windy," Carly added. "The waves were huge rolling in. No rain though. The whole time we were out there for the ceremony, there was no rain."

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