Pilot shares stunning view while landing plane in cloud cover

The Qatar Airways pilot brought the flight safely to the ground


Pilot reveals what you really see when landing a plane

This is the incredible moment a Qatar Airwayspilot brings his jet carrying hundreds of passengers down onto the runway.

Footage from the cockpit shows the captain of the plane smoothly bringing the jet down through a blanket of cloud cover.

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The speed and rapid reactions all pilots must have can then be clearly seen as the ground rapidly rises up to meet the aircraft.

Captain Sandeep Varma landed his plane safely at Queenstown Airport in New Zealand before posting the stunning two-minute clip onto Twitter.

The jet is seen cruising over beautiful snow-capped mountains before it hits the blanket of clouds with a stunning sunrise seen over the horizon.

The plane cruises above mountain tops

The jet then is submerged under a blanket of cloud

Plane skids onto runway in terrifying landing as high winds cause huge problems

Then the plane bursts out from underneath the cloud cover to speed into the airport runway.

Captain Varma is the captain of a 787 Dreamliner.

After the amazing footage was uploaded to Twitter, people were quick to react.

The amazing clip has promoted a range of reactions, from "beautiful" to "terrifying".

It begins to emerge from under the cloud cover

And then lands safely on the run way

Sulav wrote: "Looks surreal, like driving on a cloudy highway."

Matt added: "Such a beautiful approach."

Rhona Eastment said: "Great footage, scary though."

Dreamliner 787's carry between 242 and 335 passengers at a time.

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Pilots share their top ten views from the air

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