Parisian mayor wants to release birds of prey to tackle pigeon problem

But some residents aren't keen on the idea...


It's supposedly good luck to get pooped on by a bird, but the mayor of Paris' 10th arrondissement isn't having it.

So he's come up with a pretty wild solution for dealing with the issue: releasing two hawks and three falcons to make the pigeons scarper.

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According to The Telegraph, Rémi Féraud claims pigeon droppings cause about €176,000 in damage a year, along with posing a "real health risk."

The people of Paris aren't happy about the idea though.

A group called Pigeon Embassy has collected more than 20,000 signatures opposing the plan.

Arguing that it'll be expensive for taxpayers and cruel for the birds, some of whom might die and others, who will just come back.

But a spokesman for the town hall told France's 20 minutes newspaper, they've already tried the classic methods, as well as pigeon spikes.

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