White rabbit spotted travelling on train and bus

Commuters left wondering if they were seeing things


White rabbit spotted travelling on Tube and bus

A white rabbit is apparently a big fan of the London transport system - after being spotted travelling on the Tube network and the bus by shocked commuters.

Commuter Matt Hepburn spotted the rabbit on his bus journey to Holloway.

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He shared a picture on Twitter and wrote simply: "There's a rabbit on my bus."

Matt's post has been liked over 66,000 times and has garnered over 1,000 comments.

One man joked: "When I was younger I often saw white rabbits that were not really there but caused by special ciggies. Kudos on seeing a real one. Awesome."

Matt replied: "Glad you can see it too...I did wonder for a few minutes..."

One lady wrote: "No...! What's it doing there? Why? How? Has it got an Oyster card?"

And one girl replied to say she saw the same rabbit on the London Overground recently.

One man laughed that he'd seen the rabbit too:

One guy joked: "Must be one of those hop-on hop-off buses?", while another mused: "If he misses his stop he'll be a hot cross bunny."

And, of course, there were the Alice in Wonderland jokes:

One woman shared concern on how the bunny was going to make it home, and Matt did explain that he had found the rabbit's owner, writing: "So I tracked down the owner, a laidback space hippy, and apparently he does this often. I did have to stop a family from treading on it though."

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