Couple engage in 'sex act' on Ryanair flight: Passenger films them

The pair took advantage of the extra space in the emergency exit seats


Credits: Youtube WS

Credits: Youtube WS

An amorous couple have been caught appearing to engage in a sex act while on board a Ryanair flight.

The pair took advantage of the extra space in the Emergency Exit seats as the woman looks to be performing the act on her lover.

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With his head back against the seat most of what they were doing was covered by the woman's body.

But one fellow passenger decided to film the incident and upload it to YouTube.

Credits: Youtube WS

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The clip entitled Mile High Club has been viewed almost 290,000 times since it was uploaded in 2015.

It has recently resurfaced on social media with many people commenting not on the act itself, but on the amount of legroom the pair have bagged.

It is not clear where the flight was going or where the plane took off from.

Credits: Youtube WS

They were filmed by a fellow passenger

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Ryanair has been approached for comment.

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