'Flying motorbike' that runs on batteries unveiled

The craft is controlled by eight propellers


A "flying motorbike" with eight propellers and battery power has been unveiled in a test flight.

In a video released by weapons manufacturer Kalashnikov, a helmeted test pilot is seen climbing aboard the small aircraft.

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The vehicle resembles a car's roof rack and is surrounded by eight propellers.

The pilot sits encircled by the propellers and with a battery to power them mounted behind him.

He demonstrates how the craft can be controlled by tilting the propellers using a joystick, displaying a fine level of control.

In the test video, the craft never goes above a few feet high or faster than a few miles per hour.

Credits: CEN/kalashnikov.media

A pilot wearing a helmet flies the vehicle during the test run

Credits: CEN/kalashnikov.media

The flying motorbike and pilot during the test flight

The vehicle's maximum flight height and speed were not released.

At the end of the clip, the bare roof-rack design is seen covered in fibreglass bodywork that makes it look more like a stylish go-kart.

It was not clear for what market Kalashnikov intends their new product but the firm did say it was meant for a single pilot plus cargo.

The test occurred in the city of Izhevsk in central Russia's Udmurt Republic region.

Kalashnikov spokeswoman Sofia Ivanova said: "These days the machine is going through the so-called run-in. In the nearest future we will show the practical application."

Credits: CEN/kalashnikov.media

The flying motorbike resembles a car roof rack

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The first flight took place in front of Sergey Cheremezov, 65, the CEO of Rostec Corporation (formerly the Director General of Rosoboronexport), chairman of the Union of Russian Mechanical Engineers, who is also a lieutenant-general.

The Kalashnikov Concern, which has diversified its products beyond weapons in recent years, has also been testing electric motorbikes for police officers to use this year.

The bikes were said to be more manoeuvrable than cars and environmentally friendly, and boast a practical 93-mile range.

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