World's best rooms with a view: 10 affordable holiday rentals

Stay somewhere with breathtaking sites on your doorstep...


When you're on holiday, there's nothing like heading out to explore and discover some seriously amazing sights you won't get back home.

Therefore it can be easy to spend as little time as possible in your holiday rental in order to cram in as much as you can - but all the running around can leave you feeling exhausted and defeats the point of taking a break.

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However, what if you stay somewhere with the breathtaking sights right at your doorstep?

Whether you're heading on a city break or exploring the mountains, there are amazing properties around the world offering seriously spectacular views - an ideal backdrop for a lazy morning or a cosy night in!

TripAdvisor Rentals have unveiled some of their top incredible properties with views unlike any other, from a terrace overlooking the Colosseum in Rome, to unparalleled panoramics of the Matterhorn.

The best part? They're all surprisingly affordable, with most coming in at under £100pp, per night.

Check out the top 10 most jaw-dropping offerings below...

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

If the Northern Lights have always been on your bucket list, then Brekka Cottage could be your dream destination.

Boasting a breathtaking backdrop including Sulur Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean, it's situated on the ideal vantage point to catch the Aurora Borealis.

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

Plus, there's even an outdoor geothermal tub nestled in the picturesque landscape if you want a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience where you get to see the Northern Lights AND make the most of Iceland's iconic scenery.

Extra details: The cottage includes three bedrooms, a living room and kitchen: the property sleeps up to eight people.

How much? Prices from £185 per night. (That's £23 per person if you're a group of eight).

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2. Queenstown, New Zealand

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

Can't decide whether you want lake, city or mountain views?

No need to compromise at this luxurious property, aptly named The Views , where floor-to-ceiling windows let you take in the seriously beautiful panoramics.

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

Want to make the most of the fresh air too? The property also includes a balcony complete with outdoor table and BBQ for alfresco dining unlike any other.

Extra details: There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a living room/dining area including an open plan kitchen. The property sleeps up to six people.

How much? Prices from £691 per night. (That's £115 per person if you're a group of six).

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3. Rome, Italy

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

There's so much to see and do in Rome, you're bound to have a jam-packed itinerary. However, what if you could take in views of the Colosseum, Vatican Dome, and even the Vittoriano at your leisure at the end of the day?

Well this Rome Colosseum Rental offers just that thanks to its private roof deck terrace overlooking these iconic sights.

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

As a bonus, the property boasts a handy central location, so you can take in the sights over a leisurely breakfast, then head out and go exploring properly!

Oh, and for an extra dose of travel inspiration make sure to check out our city guide to Rome including the best restaurants and things to do.

Extra details: There are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area and kitchen. The property sleeps up to six people.

How much? Prices from £231 per night. (That's £39 per person if you're a group of six).

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4. Queensland, Australia

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

You're sure to be blown away by The Edge with its eye-catching architecture and the spectacular views it offers of Port Douglas.

It's the ideal haven for unwinding amidst all of your adventures. You can even take in the panoramics from the comfort of the infinity pool - and who doesn't love an infinity pool?!

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

Extra details: The property has two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and an amazing open-plan living room/kitchen area. It can sleep up to five people in total.

How much? Prices from £739 per night. (That's £147 per person if you're in a group of five).

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5. Zermatt, Switzerland

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

Matterhorn Views does exactly what it says on the tin: it offers striking views of the iconic mountain.

Whether you're thinking of taking on the mountain climb and want to extend the trip with a touch of luxury, or are planning your next ski break, this property has everything you need for an idyllic getaway.

Think a location that's walking distance from the ski bus, to a jacuzzi bathtub and steam shower that are ideal for warming up in after a day in the mountain air.

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

Extra details: The apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and open plan living/dining room with a balcony. The property sleeps up to five people.

How much? Prices from £250 per night. (That's £50 per person if you're a group of five).

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6. London, England

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

Located right by Vauxhall Bridge, The Tower, One St George Wharf Apartment offers incredible views of the capital.

As a bonus, it's just a short scenic stroll along the Thames to major attractions including Big Ben, the London Eye and St Paul's Cathedral - you won't even need to get the tube!

Plus with the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the indoor garden area, it's ideal if the British weather lets you down but you still want to take in the views.

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

Oh, and did we mention the building also has a fully-equipped gym, pool, sauna and steam room you can use too?

The good news is that the flat is surprisingly affordable if you're in a group - and you won't need to break the bank when you're out and about either.

To give you a helping hand, we've rounded up the best cheap days out in the capital , including how to bag cheap tickets to the biggest attractions.

Extra details: The property includes three bedrooms, four bathrooms and a kitchen/lounge. The apartment sleeps up to six people - but be aware that children under the age of 10 are not allowed.

How much? Prices from £575 per night. (That's £96 per person if you're a group of six).

7. Athens, Greece

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

The opulent Liberace Suite is tucked away in the heart of Plaka, the oldest neighbourhood in Athens, at the foot of the Acropolis.

It's in an ideal location if you plan to go exploring the city to discover both modern and Ancient Greece - and then when you head home, you can still take in the views from the cosy terrace.

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

As for the interiors, you'll be left feeling like you're living the life of a millionaire thanks to the eye-catching design that offers a grandiose feel throughout the apartment.

Extra details: The Liberace Suite offers two bedrooms and two bathrooms and can sleep up to four people.

How much? Prices from £925 per night. (That's £231 per person if you're in a group of four).

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8. Toronto, Canada

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

Situated in the heart of downtown Toronto, the Corner Condo offers unobstructed views of the city skyline including the iconic CN Tower.

The chic 600 square foot wraparound terrace makes for an ideal breakfast spot - or even for cocktails before heading out: and thanks to the property's central location you'll have easy access to the nightlife, restaurants, galleries and shops.

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

Extra details: The condo has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as an eye-catching living room and dining area, complete with kitchen. It can sleep up to four people.

How much? Prices from £310 per night. (That's £77 per person if you're in a group of four).

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9. Venice, Italy

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

Stunning Venice Views is a spacious apartment offering stunning views of San Marco and the Campanile bell tower, as well as 360 degree views of Venice from its private terrace.

Just a short walk from Piazza San Marco, it's tucked away in a quiet, private cul-de-sac so it offers a bit of calm amidst the hustle and bustle of this vibrant city.

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

TripAdvisor Rentals

Extra details: The property has three bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and a living area. It sleeps up to six people.

How much? Prices from £833 per night. (That's £138 per person if you're in a group of six).

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10. Paris

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

You'd be forgiven for thinking you've stepped onto a film set when you stay at the Fantasy Eiffel Duplex .

It's got some seriously opulent interiors and is located in the heart of the luxe 16 Arrondissement, with a balcony offering brilliant views of the Eiffel Tower.

Plus, its central location means it's ideal for heading out and going exploring: and there's nothing like taking a stroll through Paris to really soak up the culture.

Credits: TripAdvisor Rentals

Extra details: The apartment has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a large living room with fireplace, a impressive dining room with magnificent painted ceilings, and an equipped separate kitchen.

How much? Prices from £766 per night. (That's £96 per person if you're in a group of eight).

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