Why you should take a picture of your stove before you go away

It'll set your mind at ease...


Holidays are supposed to be relaxing, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way.

For many people, the moment that their minds are finally clear of day-to-day distractions, their brains try to fill the void by worrying that they've left the stove on, or something equally irritating!

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According to Lifehacker, there's an easy fix to this and other worries.

On your way out of the house take a photo of the stove using your phone, as well as anything else your're concerned about. Maybe you're always convinced you've left your hair straighteners on, or that you left a window open?

Take a snap of all of these niggles before you leave and they you'll be able to enjoy your holiday worry-free, safe in the knowledge you're house will be in tact when you return!

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