Residents in Birmingham trapped by 3ft wall of bin bags

Road dubbed 'Britain's filthiest street' after three weeks of missed collections



Fed up residents have been barricaded in their own homes by a 'digusting' three feet high wall of rubbish after three weeks of missed collections.

The vile sight on Medley Road, in Sparkhill, is growing as Birmingham bin workers continue to strike over working hours and job losses.

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Locals on the street of terraced houses say the garbage is attracting vermin, as their homes have not been issued with wheelie bins.

One mum said that she and her family were finding the smell unbearable as she made the school run every morning and afternoon with her three children, the Birmingham Mail reported .

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The disgusting wall of bin bags is 3ft high

"It's horrendous," she told the Mail. "It's so smelly, and all sorts of creatures are being attracted.

"We have to walk past it every day and it's getting more and more disgusting."


Residents have been trapped inside their homes

Refuse workers restarted the strike after the council issued redundancy notices, despite an agreement being reached with the Unite union through ACAS.

Now workers, who are set to reballot for strike action this week, could continue the strike into the new year.


The rubbish is attracting vermin

On Monday Birmingham City Council's leader John Clancy resigned over the saga, after backtracking on the ACAS agreement.

And despite the mountains of rubbish building up, residents in Sparkhill say that nothing can be done until the dispute is resolved.

'Road the binmen forgot': Street piled high with festering rubbish as bins not collected for SEVEN weeks


Dead rats lie in the street

"What can we do? We let the council know that it is filthy, but so are other areas," said Mr Hussain. "Until everything is sorted we just have to live like this.

"Some people try to take things away themselves, but some people are infirm.

"You see rats roaming around. It's dreadful.

"The sad truth is that we just have to put up with it for now."

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