Nazi sex dungeon discovered inside country cottage

Police discovered a brothel was operating inside the house


Nazi sex dungeon discovered in country cottage

This is the sleepy country cottage that has a very dark secret.

Many believed the quaint cottage was just a quiet home in a small village.

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But when police were tipped off, they discovered the house was a really a brothel hiding Nazi memorabilia and a sex dungeon.

There was no need to break the door down when police arrived - they simply rang the bell and were welcomed inside by the occupants.

Once inside, they found a dungeon on the first floor, the Plymouth Herald reports.

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A jacket resembling one worn by Nazis was found

Credits: SWNS/Plymouth Herald

Whips and chains were found by police in the 'dungeon'

Credits: SWNS/Plymouth Herald

No one ever believed this was going on in the country cottage

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Among the hundreds of items they found from inside were whips, masks, wooden bats, a Nazi uniform, handcuffs, clothes pegs, a straitjacket, shackles, chairs with straps and sex toys.

South Cadleigh Cottage, in Lee Mill, Plymouth, is just a stone's throw from the huge Tesco superstore.

No one ever suspected a thing, until neighbours started to notice lone men were turning up at all hours and only staying for half an hour.

Police with the memorabilia they found

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"We were surprised to uncover this to say the very least," said Detective Sergeant Stuart Gilroy of Ivybridge Police Station, who was involved in the investigation.

"Upon searching the house we found a room set up as a dungeon.

"It's fair to say we were not expecting to find a masochistic dungeon in sleepy Lee Mill.

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The man who owned the house was given a suspended sentence

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A leather mask and a Nazi soldier's hat was also discovered

"You don't expect to find this sort of thing anywhere.

"In the dungeon alone we discovered bondage chairs with straps, masks, whips, shackles and various electrical items.

"Hundreds of items were seized at the address."

A recording studio complete with computer equipment and a mixing desk were also found in the house.

It later transpired that a man who rented the cottage for £850 a month had set it up as a brothel, using three rooms for prostitution.

Credits: SWNS/Plymouth Herald

The man had been using the home as a brothel

Credits: SWNS/Plymouth Herald

Whips and canes discovered in the home

The 39-year-old was given a suspended prison sentence.

The man had been spending £150 a week for ads in a paper such as "Roxy's massage, very discreet location, Plymouth area".

His excuse was that he thought a brothel had to employ more than two girls and said he was providing them with a safe environment away from Millbay.

He denied making money out of it and the judge agreed that none of the women involved had been coerced or exploited.

Lee Mill is a country village in Plymouth

Officers from the Force Tactical Aid Group, neighbourhood beat officers, special constables and CID attended the address in March 2010.

At the time, DS Gilroy thanked Lee Mill residents for their help in the investigation.

"We are glad to have disturbed this activity and restored normality to the neighbourhood," he added.

"We would also like to thank residents who reported the activity to us."

Inspector Phil Chivers, geographic police inspector for the South Hams, added: "This incident demonstrates that we, the police, are reliant on information from the community.

"All information and intelligence is treated with the strictest confidence and helps us build a more accurate picture, so that we can then act appropriately and proportionately in the protection of the communities we serve.

"As was the case here, significant information came from the local community which allowed us to carry out enquiries; which led to us drawing and then executing a warrant at the address in Lee Mill."

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