Swimmers flee as injured great white shark washes up on beach

The animal is being cared for in a nearby pool


Credits: Dankorocx/Instagram

Horrified swimmers were forced to flee the water after an injured great white shark washed up on a beach.

The shark was seen thrashing around on the shore in Sydney, Australia, as beachgoers rushed to safety.

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The huge animal, thought to have had a broken jaw, was said to be in a 'bad way'.

It was moved by rescuers to a nearby pool to keep it alive until it can hopefully be transferred back to the sea.

A team from a nearby sea life sanctuary was called to the scene at Manly today.

Credits: Dankorocx/Instagram

The shark was seen thrashing around on the beach after being washed ashore

Credits: Dankorocx/Instagram

Swimmers ran from the water after the shark emerged

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It is not yet known whether the baby - believed to be a baby great white measuring 1.8 metres - can be returned to the wild.

Dan Korocz, who was with his children - aged two and four - when the drama unfolded, told 7 News in Australia: "When you see a real-life shark, it's scary.

"We were down on the beach for lunch with my family.

"I've got a four-year-old and a two-year-old and we went down to the water's edge and then it came in."

The shark has now been moved to a pool, where it is being looked after

According to witnesses, lifeguards with jetskis initially tried to prevent the creature from coming ashore.

Experts from Manly Sea Life Santuary rushed to move the wounded shark.

One rescuer told 7 News: "It looked in a really bad way... it didn't have the strength to deal with the waves."

The shark had to be lifted into a vehicle and then carried in a sling into the pool, where it is now recovering.

Credits: Dankorocx/Instagram

The shark is believed to have had a broken jaw

Credits: Dankorocx/Instagram

The beach in Sydney was crowded when the shark was washed ashore

Large groups have visited it at its new home since the drama today.

The shark, which is a protected species, will be assessed before a decision is made about releasing it back into the ocean.

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