Where is the best seat on a plane?

The emergency exit row certainly looks pretty inviting...


Do you have a preference when it comes to plane seats? Some of us fight over the aisle, while others prefers to gaze out over the clouds in the window seat.

But, the question remains, where is the best seat on a flight?

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According to Reader's Digest, one of the best bets is the highly sought-after emergency exit row.

If you opt for the emergency exit row, keep in mind that it's usually only the last row of emergency exit seats that leans back.

Reader's Digest also suggests that one of the best seats on the plane is over the wing.

This is particularly true if you are a nervous flyer, because by design those seats may provide a less bumpy ride.

If you can't get a seat directly over the wing, opt for one a bit forward of it or perhaps a row or two behind.

If you plan to sleep, opt for the window seat so you won't get woken up every time your neighbour visits the toilet.

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