The essentials you should never fly without

You need more than just insurance...


The things that go in your luggage or carry on can make or break your trip so make sure you don't leave home without these essentials.

Of course you've packed your essential medications, but what about their prescription?

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If you are separated from your much needed pills, or even break your prescription glasses, having the written prescription with you can be a life saver.

The hotel room may look clean, but to give your clean freak side a rest, add a package of antibacterial wipes to your luggage.

Light switches, remote controls, and bathroom fixtures are no match for their effectiveness.

Plastic bags aren't just for taking liquids through airport security, pack a few resealable bags in case of spilled cosmetics or a wet swimsuit.

That dreaded 'low battery' symbol can put any holiday into a tail spin, pack a power bank for when you can't reach an outlet, but don't forget to charge it.

The most important thing is to make sure you don't leave home without travel insurance, especially if you are leaving the country!

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