Groom to call police on bride who 'fled with £13k stag do cash'

Rachel Doran allegedly left Chris Mahone and his friends at the airport with fake boarding passes


A bride who allegedly ran off with her fiancé's £13,000 stag do fund faces a police probe after he told a friend that he'll report her.

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Chris Mahone, 27, has now dumped Rachel Doran, 29, after she left him and his 29 friends stranded at the airport with fake tickets to Ibiza, airport transfers and hotel bookings.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Doran arranged the four-day stag party in Spain and took £440 from each of the group.

She has reportedly fled to their home in Cumbria, while her friend has denied she had a motive for revenge because Chris cheated on her.

Speaking to The Sun, heartbroken Chris said: I don't want anything to do with it. I want to forget it all happened and just put it behind me.

"The police aren't involved at this stage but they definitely will be."

Meanwhile, Chris' friend Glyn Edwards said: "Any suggestion Chris has been playing around with another woman is totally incorrect. There is no way that Chris would cheat."

Writing to his friends on Facebook, Chris said: "Well words cannot describe the pain and feels that are playing with my head today, I totally want to apologize to all my fantastic mates that were gonna celebrate what was supposed to be my stag do, I can't apologize enough,l'm sorry boys I really am [sic]".

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