Police catch driver using string to power windscreen wipers

Officers seized the van and tweeted photos of the bizarre hack


windscreen wipers string

A driver in the West Midlands was caught operating the windscreen wipers of his van with a piece of string.

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Police in Sandwell seized the vehicle and took pictures that showed the thread attached to the gearstick.

Tweeting the photos of the bizarre and dangerous hack, Sandwell Partnership wrote: "This driver had an 'inventive' way to use his wipers - string attached to the gearstick! #anotheroneofftheroad #WMPartnersGoingAllOut".

Social media users took to Twitter to joke about the unusual set up, with one asking, "Have they been charged with a string of offences?"

Another added: "He gave several names when questioned, he was stringing the police along."

The official West Midlands Police account joined in on the puns, tweeting: "This driver was using a piece of string to control his windscreen wipers.. that's 'knot' acceptable..!"

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