Why you shouldn't fall asleep during takeoff

It's all to do with equalising the pressure in your ears


When it's wheels up on a flight, your eyes better not be closed!

Falling asleep during takeoff and landing can lead to some serious health problems.

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That's according to a health expert who spoke with and reported by the New York Post.

It's all about equalising pressure on the eardrums and being awake to pop your ears, chewing gum can help with this.

As the plane takes off or descends rapidly, there's a big change in air cabin pressure. If you're not fully awake and adjusted to the change in pressure, it can mess with your eardrums. Since you're not swallowing as much, this can lead to blocked ears.

Take it from the US National Library of Medicine. If they stay blocked, that can cause a bunch of health issues like ear infections, nose bleeds, and even hearing loss.

Swallowing or yawning helps unblock your ears.

So even if your pre-flight Bloody Mary has you dozing, stay awake for the view, and for your health!

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