Driver forced to abandon Ferrari after it bursts into flames

Only a shell was left at the end...


A supercar driver was forced to abandon his new Ferrari owner abandoned his supercar on a busy road after it suddenly caught fire and burnt to a crisp.

Footage of the flaming Italian sports car - priced at around £120,000 GBP in the UK - show huge flames having engulfed the entire vehicle.

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Members of the fire service were called to put out the blaze, but much of the car had already been charred by the time they arrived.

Passersby said they saw the driver standing by his car near the central reservation, but he was later picked up in a Rolls-Royce and driven away.

By the tume the fire is completely extinguished, there's not much left of the Ferrari except a burnt chassis and four wheels, with the red body barely recognisable.

Credits: AsiaWire

The supercar engulfed in flames

Credits: AsiaWire

Onlookers watched as the fire raged

Credits: AsiaWire

The Ferrari is nothing more than a shell

Credits: AsiaWire

Witnesses couldn't resist taking pictures

Credits: AsiaWire

It's a sorry sight

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Witnesses in Changshu City, in China's eastern Jiangsu Province, said they were "heartbroken" at the sight of the wreckage, especially given how much the owner would have paid after including import tax.

But others online said the owner probably appeared to have cash to burn.

The Changshu fire service has yet to identify the car owner.

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