Male pythons filmed in combat at woman's home

Snakes filmed duelling in New South Wales, Australia


A video of two pythons entangled in a duel on the deck of a woman's Australian home has emerged on Facebook.

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The footage shows the pair of snakes fighting on the porch as their heads sway at the New South Wales location.

Uploaded by Lake Macquarie Snake Catcher, the clip is described as "a great example of male combat".

The pythons are believed to be two males trying to dominate each other.

Colin Shoemark, who runs the Facebook page, told the Daily Mail: "These two males will entwine each other and push the opposing males head down till the dominate male drives the other male away allowing him the opportunity to mate with a female in the area."

Homeowner Kelly Cox, who lives in Tingira Heights, commented on the video with another clip and wrote: "Here's the start of the snake dance. I thought they were mating until Colin set me straight. Milly (the dog) wasn't impressed but I was. Awesome."

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