Hurricane Harvey victim returns home to alligator in living room

Predator was discovered on the carpet at Brian Foster's home in Texas


alligator, hurricane Harvey

A man who was forced to flee his home in Texas during Hurricane Harvey returned to find the most terrifying of unwelcome guests upon his return - an alligator.

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Brian Foster discovered the nine-foot gator as he entered the living room of his Humble house to start cleaning up on Friday morning.

He called the police who removed the animal with wildlife control workers.

Jarred Pollard, from Wildnernex Wildlife Control, told ABC13 that it took 20 minutes to capture the gator.

Sharing the photo on Facebook, police wrote: "Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman's Office responded to an intruder call at a residence near Lake Houston. Upon arrival, deputies were met by a large alligator who made his way into this flooded home. Constables will soon be delivering the alligator back into his natural habitat."

Meanwhile, Texas Parks and Wildlife has warned people of being cautious during the floods.

It said: "During floods, alligators may disperse into areas where they aren't normally observed.

"Alligators are wary of people but keep your distance. Never approach, harass or feed an alligator. When water levels recede, the alligator will likely disappear as well.

"Gators are critical to the health and balance of aquatic ecosystems in southeast Texas. They're also a protected game species."

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