Driver filmed trying to park tiny car in huge space

Excruciating footage shows 2.59-minute parking fail


A driver in Belgium has been ridiculed online for failing to park their small car in a massive space.

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In a YouTube video titled 'Tight fit,' the motorist is seen driving forwards and stopping to check the space behind her, before reversing and repeating this.

As the woman makes further attempts, she even emerging from the car and parking with the door open.

It is not clear whether the driver managed to successfully park the car as the video ends at 2.29 minutes.

The footage, which makes for painful viewing for many, has attracted some funny comments by social media users.

One YouTuber wrote: "That car is so tiny. Why didn't she just get out, pick it up, and set it down in the spot?"

Another joked: "Some say she's still parking."

One questioned: "How is this even possible?"

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