How to 24 days off in 2018 with just 14 days annual leave

Clever ways to use Bank Holidays and Easter to get double your holiday!


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Summer is coming to an end, autumn is around the corner and there are only two more Bank Holidays left this year.

So you could be forgiven for already making plans for holidays and getaways in 2018 .

The way the calendar falls, sometimes, means if you're clever and use the Bank Holidays to your advantage, you can get a bumper stretch of time off using very little of your annual leave.

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For example, earlier this year the way Good Friday, East Monday and May Bank Holiday fell meant you could have had 18 days off using just nine days holiday.

And if you're clever, next year could be even better.

All you need is to get in there quick, and hope your boss is feeling very accommodating.

There's a window of opportunity next year between the May bank holidays, which are just three weeks apart this year, the Coventry Telegraph reports.

Meaning your employer would have to be OK with the idea of you taking two weeks off at once.

Monday, May 7 and Monday, May 28 are the two bank holidays that month.

If you book a holiday around both you can get 24 days off in a row using 14 days of annual leave.

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To do this book May 7 to May 28 (inclusive) off work, making your final day at work Friday May 4, returning to work on Tuesday, May 29. The time off includes weekends.

If you're not able to do this, then the long Easter weekend presents another good opportunity.

Good Friday is on Friday, March 30 with Good Friday on Monday, April 2.

Over Easter, you have 14 consecutive days off by using just eight days of holiday, if you book Monday, March 26 to Friday, April 6 off.

That includes Good Friday, Easter Monday and weekends.

Your first day off would be Saturday, March 24 and you would return to work on Monday, April 9, which isn't too shabby either.

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