Hotel translates 'meatballs' into something very sinister

It's not quite right...


Hotel gets translation mixed up with sinister consequences

Translation is a tricky art to master. One letter or character wrong and you potentially have a embarrassing error on your hands.

But you have to hand it to people for at least trying. It's not always easy.

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Take Arabic and English, for example.

The difference between these languages is considerable. Completely different alphabets, different sentence constructs - and the two texts are read from the opposite side of the page.

As it turns out, translating "meatballs" from Arabic into English is not as straightforward as you'd hope.

"Best translation fail."

Here's what one hotel came up with.

The Hotel Erbil labelled its meatballs as "Paul is Dead." not because of any sinister goings-on in the kitchen, but because it's, apparently, an easy mistake to make.

Twitter user Hend Amry spotted the error and explained how it happened.

"The Arabic spells out a transliteration of 'meat ball' in English - which sounds like 'mayit baul', or Dead Paul," she writes.

Among the many amused reactions (and sudden cravings for meatballs), THAT Beatles conspiracy theory also re-surfaced.

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