'Huge black panther' spotted on Yorkshire golf course

"It looked like it was stalking something"


Credits: Mark Robinson / SWNS.com

A 'huge black panther' has been spotted stalking towards a couple relaxing on a golf course.

Business partners Mark Robinson and Paul Shepherd spotted the beast as they approached the 15th tee at Huddersfield Golf Club yesterday afternoon.

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Mark said he saw the animal as it walked slowly over to a couple who were sitting under a tree seemingly oblivious to its presence.

Mark told The Huddersfield Examiner : "We saw what looked like a big black panther walking away from us. It looked to be stalking something, like a cat would.

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"There (was) a slowness to its movements that distinguished it from being a dog. It was very distinctive and had a huge tail.

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"We whistled at it to attract its attention. It turned round and you could see it had pointed ears. It went low on its haunches and then shot off into the bushes at speed."

Mark estimated he was 60 to 70 yards from the animal on the Fixby course golf when he took the pictures, adding: "We were not in any rush to get closer."

Mark alerted club professional Alex Keighley to what he had seen – and she has tweeted TV's Springwatch presenter Chris Packham to seek his opinion on the creature.

Credits: Huddersfield Examiner

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She said: "We are investigating it. There's a greens meeting tonight where it will be discussed. We are telling people going out on the course to be vigilant."

It's the latest in a string of sightings of a beast resembling a black panther in the area.

Similar sightings have been reported in locations ranging from New Mill, Hade Edge and Penistone to Linthwaite and Birchencliffe - which are all within 40 miles distance of each other.

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