Vehicles left dangling as part of NCP car park collapses

Wall came away at NCP Nottingham City site


A wall at a car park in Nottingham has collapsed leaving vehicles hanging in mid-air.

The collapse took place overnight on Friday when part of a wall came away at the NCP Nottingham City car park in Cumberland Place shortly after 4am.

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A Nottingham Police spokesman said the wall "fell off" and road closures were in place, while structural engineers were at the scene assessing the structure.

George Cook, of Scunthorpe, had parked his car at the site and told the BBC: "I heard a bang at about 03:30 BST.

"I was not sure what it was, I looked out the window, but couldn't see anything.

"I came back and cars were over hanging the car park. It was a bit of a shock. Thankfully one was not mine."

An NCP spokesman told The Guardian: "An incident has occurred during the night at our Nottingham City car park, where a part of the front facia of the building has fallen and is blocking the entrance/exit of the car park.

"No one has been injured and no vehicle has been damaged ... We apologise profusely for any inconvenience this has caused to our customers parked with us and to customers arriving to park with us today.

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