Man bonds with lions he rescued: Incredible pics

'Lion Whisperer' shows amazing relationship with lionesses 'destined for bullet'


Credits: GoPro/Youtube

Stunning GoPro footage shows a big cat conservationist nicknamed 'The Lion Whisperer' forming a moving bond with two lionesses rejected by their mum at birth and "destined for a bullet".

Kevin Richardson is seen stroking lions Meg and Amy - and even catches one of them as she jumps into a river to swim in the powerful video.

Jaw-dropping GoPro footage, entitled 'For the Love of Lions ', explains how the pair were rescued as cubs when they were found abandoned in a watery ditch.

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But instead of locking the animals away, Kevin said he allows them to roam the grounds of the wildlife park around other animals as a "different" way to work with lions.

On the video, Kevin says: "I didn't like the fact that they were these cats in cages.

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"I wanted to give them a little bit more than that quality of life.

"I started pioneering certain things at the park I was working at.

"One of those things was taking the lions out of their enclosures and letting them walk in the greater area of the park amongst the animals."

Credits: GoPro/Youtube


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Kevin explained how the cubs learned to trust him as they spent time together,

Kevin added: "To see the lions doing what lions do for me was exhilarating.

"It made me realise there was a different way to work with these predators in captivity.

"Meg and Amy and me have a history that goes to when they were born.

Credits: GoPro/Youtube

"When I call Meg and she comes swimming and I see in her face 'if I come to you are you going to catch me'.

"It's unspoken language really, she looks at me I look at her and we know. That's trust."

Kevin said the the threat posed towards lions by trophy hunters meant he feels Meg and Amy were "destined for a bullet".

He said: "I firmly believe that if I never had m and a back they would have landed up in some shape or form in the canned lion hunting market.

"Definitely in my mind they were destined for a bullet."

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