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New travel trend sees rise of short extraordinary trips


Antarctica one-day trip

A wildlife holiday company recently launching a 24-hour trip to Antarctica for the ultimate one-day getaway has sparked a new travel trend where travellers use as little time as a single day to experience once in a lifetime holidays.

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Natural World Safaris' one-day trip flies intrepid tourists from Cape Town, South Africa to the interior of Antarctica where they can explore the White Continent in just 12 hours on the ground.

While it might sound like any other holiday which allows you to add a day trip to your main break, such as visiting a nearby island on a beach escape, what sets this Antarctica adventure apart is it's a holiday in itself - and bucket list destinations such as this magnificent remote land are never added extras! Day-long holidays of a lifetime like this reflect the British traveller's desire to maximise that well-earned annual leave, even when short on time. Most travel addicts will fit a short break or two around other holidays they take in the year, but what if those mini-breaks were even shorter than usual and with a host of world-class activities packed in? Taking a 24-hour holidays creates a real sense of adventure, excitement and thrills you won't get from taking a fortnight trip.

Bombs away

Natural World Safaris' winter Antarctica holiday (available in December and January) is also unlike any other, flying holidaymakers by jet with an expert Antarctic pilot into 24-hour daylight before touching down on an ice runway. During the 12 hours on the ground, travellers are based at a comfortable lodge with spacious living areas and a sauna, with a selection of activities to experience the magnificent wilderness surrounding the lodge. In just a day, there are ice grottos to explore and Adelie penguins to witness, a surreal champagne lunch cooked and served on the ice by a South African chef, as well as the chance to capture lasting memories with photographs of the endless tundra before embarking back to Cape Town.

Bustling grand central terminal in New York City

And this £7,750 per person trip isn't the only bucket list escape you can take in a day. This summer, low-cost airline Norwegian is launching twice-daily flights (from £149 each way) between London and New York, bringing a new 24-hour holiday destination to British tourists. The early morning flight will depart Gatwick at 5.50am, arriving at JFK at 9am, so holidaymakers can spend a whole day exploring the highlights of the Big Apple, including Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Museum Mile and Lower Manhattan (check out nycgo.com's guide), in just a day before catching the flight home at 11pm.

Meanwhile, cruisers can get in on the action too with one-night sailings. CruiseDeals.co.uk has an array of cruises that are perfect tasters for those who are new to cruising. A one-night cruise from Italy to Spain with MSC Cruises, for example, allows you to explore the wonders of Genoa and Barcelona in just 24 hours, with prices starting from just £66.50.

Marina Porto Antico Genova, Genoa, Italy.

Another unforgettable holiday you can experience in 24 hours is a trip to Lapland with the family. Transun's one-day Winter Wonderland trip (from £499 per person) departs the UK early in the morning for a fun-filled day in Finnish Lapland. Thermal suits and boots are provided for the husky experience, snowmobile adventure, reindeer sleigh ride and other snow activities that include tobogganing. You'll even have a private family meeting with Santa before returning to the UK on an evening flight.

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