Police chase horse and carriage through Canterbury

Bizarre scene caught on camera in Kent


Credits: kentlive

A police chase would usually conjure up images of one car blazing down a road, sirens wailing, after another car.

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So onlookers in Kent were shocked to see a police car bolting down a Canterbury high street - chasing a horse and cart.

Two men were caught on camera riding a pony trap, followed by a police car, in bizarre scenes in the historic city.

The footage shows the horse, with two young men riding the cart, trotting down the street, reports Kent Live .

Credits: kentlive


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One marked police car closely follows the cart as it continues through the streets without stopping, with an unmarked police car also in front with its blue lights on.

Kent police said the two men were first spotted travelling down the wrong side of Rheims Way, a carriageway, just after 8pm on Saturday.

Concerned about the horse and other motorists' welfare, the police officers try to intervene to speak to the men on the pony trap.

But the men refused to cooperate and instead became abusive, resulting in the police chase.

Credits: kentlivekentlive

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Officers turned off the siren to stop the horse from bolting, but kept the lights on while they pursued the reckless horse-owners.

They made numerous attempts to get the men to stop but they continued to refuse and rode off along a pedestrian pathway into a residential estate.

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