Four-year-old girl left bleeding after 'row' with bus driver

Victoria Rose 'fell on her face when the bus doors closed on her' in Glasgow



A four-year-old was left in floods of tears and with blood all over her face following a ticket row with a bus driver , her mum claims.

Victoria Rose was on her way to her first day of school with her mother Amy McCallum when the bus doors closed on her ankles, causing her to fall flat on her face.

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Amy claims the youngster was left injured and in tears after the incident.

The mum-of-three shared pictures of her daughter's injuries and blood-stained school blazer on social media after complaining to the transport giant - saying the incident was sparked by a row over whether her child should have to pay for a ticket.

Amy, 28, said: "She was left in tears on her first day. This should be classed as assault."


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The mum had picked Victoria Rose up from her first day at school and collected her younger daughter from nursery when she went to catch a First Bus number 8 at Parkhead Cross, in Glasgow, reports the Daily Record .

The firm allow children under five to travel for free, a policy confirmed by bosses who said they had launched in investigation into the incident.

She boarded the bus at around 4.35pm with an all day ticket but was told she would have to pay the 70p fare to the family's home in Riddrie for Victoria Rose.

The mum insisted her daughter was four and entitled to free travel but says the bus driver disputed her age because she was wearing her school uniform.

Amy said: "The driver said 'children go to school at five in my country'. I said 'in mine they go at four' and ignored him and got on the bus.


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"When we went to get off the bus in Riddrie the doors closed on my daughter's ankle and she fell and smashed her face off the pavement at the bus stop.

"Her teeth went into her lip. There was lots of blood which got on her new uniform. I managed to clean her up but she was very upset."

Amy says the driver did not stop after the incident and carried on along his route.

She said: "I complained to First Bus and they apologised but I was told it would take up to 14 days to hear anything else.

"I want to see further action taken against the driver."


The pictures, posed on Facebook, had been shared and reacted to more than 2,000 times yesterday.

First Bus said the incident was being treated "very seriously" and CCTV from the bus involved would be viewed.

A spokesman said: "First Glasgow is aware of the alleged incident on one of our vehicles yesterday.

"We are concerned to hear about the injury sustained by the child and have launched a detailed investigation into the allegations."

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