Rare white elk video goes viral

Beautiful animal caught on camera in Sweden


Rare white elk video goes viral

A video of a majestic white elk spotted in Sweden has gone viral.

The beautiful animals was captured on camera by a local councillor, Hans Nilsson, who has been wanting to get a sighting of the elk for years.

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Speaking to The Local, he said: "This white elk bull is local to the area. I saw it the evening before too, that was the first time. On Friday evening when I shot the video everything fell into place, the location, the light and the calmness.

"It was an experience to meet such a stately animal up close."

However, not everyone is as happy about the elk's newfound celebrity status.

Local Catrin Leverström says the elk often eats apples out of her garden - and tourists are flocking there to see it.

She told The Local: "The elk is sometimes here for several days in a row. For several hours he walks around and munches the apple tree and bushes. How often people come depends on when the elk is here. Sometimes it's calm for long periods, other times it's daily."

She added: "It's not particularly good for the elk to never be left in peace, constantly chased and disturbed. Unfortunately he can get aggressive."

White elks can be caused by albinism or leucism - a genetic variation which changes the colour of the skin and fur but unlike albinism, does not change the eyes.

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