Poledancing woman tries to track down holiday romance

But she can't remember if his name was Steve or Keith...


Woman tried to track down holiday romance

A poledancing woman is trying to track down a mystery man she met on holiday in Portugal - but doesn't remember if his name is Steve or Keith.

The unidentified woman was so taken with her very brief holiday romance that she is sending out letters to anyone named Steve or Keith in the Bristol area.

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While the two names are not particularly similar, the woman is determined.

One man named Steve posted a picture of a letter which had arrived through his door on social media, the Bristol Post reports.

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She says in the letter she has looked up the addresses of anyone named Steve or Keith on the electoral roll.

The letter said: "Hello. I am trying to find a man I met in Portugal in July.

"His name is Steve or Keith.

"He has white hair and white eyebrows. He was with the Bristol Rovers.

"I was trying to do some pole dancing for a laugh if you are not married and would like to meet, tel 077******* Monday to Friday morning.

Woman tries to track down love interest she met while poledancing

The letter written to a man called Steve or Keith

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The woman says she was poledancing with the man. This is a file picture

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"If this is not you I won't bother you again.

"Got your name from electoral roll."

Around 300 Rovers fans headed to Albufiera on Portugal's south coast to cheer on the team during their pre-season game against Hull city on July 18.

So far the white-haired Casanova has not come forward.

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