World's shortest commercial flight is just 57 seconds long

You won't even have time for a drink!


Credits: Andrew Brown / YouTube

There's no time for a cheeky G&T before lunch and certainly none to watch a film.

With a flight time of just two minutes, there is no time for aircraft even to put its wheels up as it performs the world's shortest commercial service.

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Though its official duration is 120 seconds, under ideal wind conditions it can take just 57 seconds.

Loganair has operated the service since 1967 and last year celebrated its one millionth customer.

Now, the Scottish carrier has announced that it will operate flights in its own right from after 24 years of operating under franchise agreements with other airlines.

Credits: Andrew Brown / YouTube

The plane barely gets airborne during the flight

Credits: Andrew Brown / YouTube

There's not much to see on the flight

Credits: Andrew Brown / YouTube

In less than two minutes it's time to land

World's shortest flight celebrates milestone as millionth customer hops between Scottish islands

The Glasgow-based company, which operates another service that lands on a Hebridean beach, will once again market its services and fly under its own name and new tartan livery on its aircraft.

Managing Director Jonathan Hinkles told The Independent via telephone: "We have a strong level of recognition in our core market in the highlands and islands.

"That will carry us through. The task is to establish that affinity where we are not so well known."

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The eight-seat plane that flies the route

The two islands are linked by air

Royal Bank of Scotland employee Anne Rendall has used the short flight service more than 10,000 times visiting island communities across Orkney and tending to their banking requirements.

The aircraft used is a de Havilland Twin Otter eight-seater.

It is part of the Orkney Inter-Isles Air Service, which departs from Kirkwall on the main island and connects the isles of Eday, Stronsay, Sanday, North Ronaldsay, Westray and Papa Westray.

The service's record flight time is 57 seconds, recorded in a favourable wind.

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