Monster crocodile snaps its jaws just inches from man's face

Predator lunged at Matt Wright in Darwin wildlife park

Credits: Facebook/Matt Wright

This is the terrifying moment a 15ft crocodile lunged and snapped its jaws only inches from a man's face.

The monster croc was filmed leaping from the water at a Darwin wildlife park as his handler watched on from a small boat.

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At first the 500kg beast - called Otis - simply paddled gently up to the vessel.

But suddenly it launches itself up and opens its jaw wide to show jagged teeth before slamming its mouth shut.

Crocodile expert Matt Wright is so taken about by the reptile's movement that he can be heard shouting "oh sh*t" as the maneater gets close.

Credits: Facebook/Matt Wright

The monster croc slinked across the water before taking the handler by surprise

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"You hungry mate?" he jokes - suggesting the predator may have briefly mistaken the camera for a tasty snack.

Wright, who filmed to footage himself, then remarks that it is probably best to leave the crocodile alone.

Credits: Facebook/Matt Wright

The crocodile may have misidentified the camera Matt Wright was holding

Credits: Facebook/Matt Wright

The predator snapped open its jaws just inches from Matt Wright's head

Credits: Facebook

Crocodile wrangler Matt Wright

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The experienced crocodile hunter, who posted the clip to his Facebook page , is no stranger to the large predators, having posed alongside an 800kg crocodile earlier this week.

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He also captured an 18ft crocodile back in 2009 as well as collecting crocodile eggs and being a helicopter pilot.

Wright is passionate about wildlife preservation and has his own television series called Outback Wrangler on National Geographic.

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