You can rent an Irish pub on Airbnb

It's probably not as expensive as you'd think!


You can rent an Irish pub on Airbnb

If you've always dreamed of being a pub owner but you're not quite ready for a dramatic career change, we've found the Airbnb listing of your dreams!

One couple are offering up an entire traditional Irish pub for rent - complete with bar, pumps, a till, a log fire and comfortable sofas, board games, a dart board and even skittles.

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Located in the heart of rural Ireland, Conroy's Old Bar is an authentic village bar that's been converted into self-catering accommodation.

As well as the quirky bar area, the property boasts a fully functioning kitchen and two bedrooms - it can sleep up to four guests, so it's perfect for both family breaks and friends looking to go exploring.

And the best part is that despite the fact that you're getting the entire property to yourself, the rental price is surprisingly budget-friendly at just £93 per night.

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Credits: Airbnb

Conroy's Old Bar includes everything you'd expect from a traditional pub

Credits: Airbnb

As well as the bar there are cosy seating areas including a log fire

No need to stay late serving the locals though as the bar itself no longer has a liquor licence, so it's now a residential property - but that does mean you'll have to supply your own booze.

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Couple Dave and Erron bought the property over a decade ago, but reveal in their Airbnb profile that they couldn't bring themselves to get rid of the bar features.

"We originally thought that the property would make good self catering accommodation because of it's size," writes Erron.

Credits: Airbnb

Credits: Airbnb

"But it wasn't until we were refitting the kitchen in the main house and we were using the pub as our 'make do kitchen', that we actually came up with the idea of keeping the bar intact and using it's uniqueness to it's advantage, and so Ireland's 1st Self Catering Pub Conroy's Old Bar was born."

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Before you get booking, it's worth noting that the pub really is in a secluded area in one of Ireland's rural areas, in Aglisg, Co, Tipperary.

The nearest shop is four miles away, the nearest restaurant six miles away, so the property is suited better to those wanting to explore the great outdoors and looking to make the most of some downtime during nights in.

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