Hotel staff reveal guests' most ridiculous complaints

Shockingly daft things people do


Not all holidays go off without a hitch.

Whether your hotel room isn't up to scratch or you find yourself having to send a meal back at a restaurant, it's important to speak up - we've all been there.

Hotel staff are usually more than happy to help you find a solution - provided your request is within reason.

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Unfortunately, some holidaymakers have been known to make outrageous demands, or even downright bizarre complaints!

The staff at the Crieff Hydro in Perthshire have revealed some of the weirdest complaints they've received - and it's hilarious.

Read on to find out what they've had to deal with...

1. Television troubles

One guest trekked down to reception in the middle of the night to complain he was unable to watch television.

However, the issue wasn't that the TV was broken - he complained that when he was lying on his bed flat, he couldn't see the wall mounted screen because his FEET were in the way!

The best part? He even brought a photo along as proof.

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2. Breakfast in bed woes

While hotel staff are no strangers to weird breakfast requests, but one guest's complaint had nothing to do with the food.

After ordering breakfast in bed, they were left bemused as to the etiquette of eating in a hotel room, so they called up reception and, well, check out the transcript below...

Guest: "Hi, we've just had our breakfast in bed delivered to the room. Is it okay if we eat it on the chair by the desk, and not actually on the bed?"

Receptionist: "Erm, yes, of course you can. You could even eat it in the bathroom if you'd like to!"

Guest: "Right. Well that should have been made clear to us."

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3. The one with the live chicken

One woman was furious after being refused a room reservation. It may sound a bit harsh, but staff had a legitimate reason - during her previous stay, she had snuck a LIVE CHICKEN into her bedroom.

And it doesn't stop here.

She ordered it room service and allowed it to peck, poop and generally make a mess of the room, causing hundreds of pounds of damage.

So yeah, in this case the hotel was happy to recommend she take her custom, and choice of roommate, elsewhere.

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4. The resort that stole Christmas

Crieff Hydro once received a complaint, in March, from a gentleman who wanted compensation from Christmas, as he didn't get to eat his Christmas lunch - not even a pig in a blanket!

But it wasn't that the hotel had overlooked him at the dinner table.

Actually, he'd eaten so much that morning, he had no space left for the lunchtime feast!

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5. The dubious dietary requirement

One woman attended a Crieff Hydro function, but told staff that she was dairy-free and could not have the crème brûlée from the menu.

That in itself was totally fine, and they were happy to accommodate the request - however, it was when she asked for ice cream instead that they became suspicious!

Silliest ever holiday complaints

Silliest ever holiday complaints

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