TripAdvisor reviewer brands vegetarian cafe "too veggie"

Diner wrote that The Retreat Tearoom & Bistro's menu was "lacking in meat"


The Retreat Tearoom & Bistro

A TripAdvisor reviewer has been ridiculed after sharing his thoughts about a vegetarian cafe in North Yorkshire, branding it "too veggie" for him.

Giving The Retreat Tearoom & Bistro in Grassington three star out of five, user BruceYork wrote in his review titled 'Too veggie for me': "Busy tea room in the middle of the Main Street in Grassington. There are surprisingly few similar cafes so it was very busy.

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"We found the service friendly but a little lacking. Regards food, I found it to be lacking in meat with too much ecofriendly food rather than a proper menu: veggie-burgers but none proper.

"Whilst we found choice forced upon us due to the limited menu, we found the food ok, but we would go elsewhere next time."

Naturally, locals found the review "hilarious".

One villager told MailOnline: "Out of six restaurants on the High Street in Grassington, a man chooses a veggie restaurant then slates it for not serving meat.

"The whole village is laughing at this man's review."

Responding to the diner's review, the owner of the cafe wrote: "'Surprisingly few cafes'....'food forced upon you' .....Open your eyes man. If you cared to explore you'd find 6 cafes in grassington-not to mention the many pubs that also serve food. Admittedly ours is the only vegetarian tearoom but you DO have a choice. I'm assuming ours was the first you stumbled on when leaving your car.

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