Bear kills teen zookeeper at wildlife park

Two-year-old brown bear shot dead at Sweden's Orsa Rovdjurspark


Eurasian brown bear (Ursus arctos arctos) in meadow sticking out tongue

A 19-year-old zookeeper has died after being attacked by a brown bear at a wildlife park in Sweden.

The zookeeper, who has not been named, was cleaning the two-year-old bear's enclosure ahead of a special experience at Orsa Rovdjurspark, where guests can go inside the cage with a zookeeper.

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According to The Local, the enclosure was supposed to be empty, but police believe the bear dug its way in.

The bear was shot dead after the attack.

At a press conference, the park's spokesman Sven Brunberg, said: "It started out as a normal day, a family had booked the activity and normal routines were followed. I'll leave it to the police to work out what went wrong."

The BBC reports that police are investigating whether proper safety procedures were followed.

In 2012, a zookeeper was killed in southern Sweden while feeding wolves.

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