Cyclist filmed punching driver after car knocks him off bike

The dashcam footage shows the man opening the car door and hitting the driver


An angry cyclist was caught on camera punching a motorist with wild haymakers after a collision sparked a road rage incident.

The dashcam begins with a cyclist riding past cars stopped at traffic lights.

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The footage then cuts to a collision between the bicycle and the car moments later.

Enraged after coming off his bike, the cyclist proceeds to walk around to the drivers side and open the car door.

The cyclist begins throwing punches through the window of the black sports car.

The cyclist quickly opened the driver's side door after the collision

He started throwing punches at the driver

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He appears to land two blows before halting his rage.

Their bicycle is seen mangled underneath the front of the black car as the altercation continues.

Onlookers watched in horror as the clash unfolded at the junction of Spring Street on York Road in Bedminster, Bristol, on Wednesday.

The cyclist appeared to stop after two punches

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The black Mazda sports car was seen pulling out of the junction and colliding with the cyclist in the road.

The incident was all caught on the dash cam of another car a couple of cars behind the cyclist when it happened.

After his initial outburst the cyclist walks away from the car, throws down his helmet and then gets on with moving his bike out the way of the rest of the traffic.

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