43C heatwave dubbed 'Lucifer' hits Spain, Italy and Croatia

Warnings have been issued for 26 European cities


Brit tourists soaking up the sun in Europe face scorching temperature as a "dangerous" heatwave sweeps the continent.

Countries such as Spain, Italy and Croatia are set to see blistering 40C heat which has triggered a series of severe warnings.

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Italians have named the heatwave Lucifer with 11 countries are braced for "dangerous" weather conditions which include Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Poland.

Meanwhile, back in Britain, the mercury is set to reach highs of 20 over the weekend and into next week, according to Meteoalarm.

Warnings were issued for 26 European cities as a heatwave from Africa starts to sweep the Mediterranean with high temperatures expected until at least Monday.

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People flock to the beach as a heatwave sweeps across Europe

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Tourists shelter from the sun in downtown Rome as a heatwave hits Italy

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A "red alarm", indicating the highest level of risk from the heat, has been issued for popular Italian cities Florence, Rome, Venice and Verona.

In the capital, tourists taking in city sights under the scorching sun could be seen making good use of Rome's many water fountains, re-filling their bottles and pouring water over their heads.

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A man cools off by a fountain in downtown Rome

Meteorologists forecast temperatures of around 40C for Rome and several parts of Italy until Monday.

In the south and Sardinia, temperatures are expected to reach highs of 42C.

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Holidaymakers have been warned to keep to shaded areas

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The hot weather is expected to continue into next week

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Highs of 43C are set to hit parts of Spain this week with the most intense heat expected om Granada, Seville and the Costa del Sol over the coming days.

Tourists have been advised to stay in shaded areas while warnings are in place.

The fresh alert was issued after an earlier heatwave caused severe forest fires on the Spanish southern coast.

In June, around 1,500 people were evacuated from homes, campsites and hotels near Moguer as the blaze spread across acres of woods and wetlands.

In the same month, devastating wildfires in Portugal left at least 62 dead with some victims burning to death inside their cars.

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Weather sayings: True or false?

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